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Make some pancakes!

The “PANDEKAGE MEET-UP” is a celebration of outdoor cooking! Everybody is welcome to join us for a day at the shelter making pancakes – And eating them of course! Get close to nature and enjoy the simple but rewarding experience of making pancakes on a bonfire or on a little gas burner. We will get the bonfire going with room for everybody! Bring your kids and let´s enjoy a fresh February day in the Nature Park Amager.

“The Unbreakable Chia Chocolate Chain Pancake”
1 banana, mashed
300 gr wheat flour
100 gr whole wheat flour
1 sp of baking powder
2 sp of chia seeds
100 gr of hemp seed
2 – 3 carrots, grated
800 dl of soy drink (or other liquid; milk, water)

Mix all ingredients and fry with olive oil

Topping/filling: Peanutbutter, dark chocolate chips, almonds



All the best

Martin Paldan, Cycling in Copenhagen




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