Forgotten Giants ROUTE

Forgotten Giants cycling route
   53 km.  |   Urban    |   Greater Copenhagen    |   long

The Forgotten Giants route is for those who want to spend a day searching for Teddy, Trine, Thomas, Tilde, Oscar, and Louis. Aka the Forgotten Giants. Build and brought to life by artist Thomas Dambo, the Forgotten Giants are six awesome personalities spread out in the area west of Copenhagen. They each have a charming appearance and you can´t help getting attached to them. After meeting with one or more of the Forgotten Giants, you will keep them in your hearts forever. They are built with help from volunteers and are all made from recycled material.

The Forgotten Giants route is a GREAT riding experience in various terrain. It´s suitable for gravel bikes, mountain bikes, and city bikes. I wouldn´t recommend a road racing bike as the route feature a lot of sweet gravel sections. To mention a few highlights: The cycling path along the beach at Vallensbaek Strand (passing art museum Arken) and the super sweet ride on perfect cycling paths up (or down) along the Store Vejle Å. And Herstedhoeje is always worth a visit – a great climb (and descent) with stunning views!

If the 53 km seems a bit too much, you can always decide on visiting a few of the Giants. Hilltop Trine is a good choice as a starting point; the open grazing area she is situated in is really nice and she is not that far from Copenhagen. The easiest way out of Copenhagen is by VESTERBROGADE that turns into ROSKILDEVEJ and then look for the cycling bridge crossing the road a hundred meters before ROSKILDEVEJ 522. Sleeping Louis is then found less than a kilometer from this point. Happy riding!

Cycling is discovering!
Martin Paldan, Cycling in Copenhagen


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Location: Avedoere Sletten
Hilltop Trine inviting kids to sit in her hands and enjoy the view.


Location: Roedovre
Sleeping Louis sound asleep on top of a little hill in the bushes.


Location: Vallensbaek Strand
Oscar Under the Bridge doing an evening stretch in the sunset.


Location: Hakkemosen, Taastrup
Teddy Friendly getting sun on his nose on a hot summer day.


Location: Avedoere Sletten
Martin Paldan from @cyclingincopenhagen trying to impress Hilltop Trine with his colorful socks.


Location: Vallensbaek
Little Tilde posing curiously for the camera.


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   53 km.  |   Urban    |   Greater Copenhagen    |   Long