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4 Ferries Isefjord

A great way to experience the Danish landscape. Relax on the ferries and enjoy the constant view to the fjord as you ride the Fjordstien cycling route.


Copenhagen Jazz Ride

A ride that takes you around to all open-air venues at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival. Worth riding all year round.


Forgotten Giants

A long ride to all the Forgotten Giants. Use the map to plan an alternative route if you prefer to visit a few of the Giants instead of all six.


Reffen Revisited

Brilliant summer ride to the famous street food area in Copenhagen. Get a bike and go!


Faelled Grinder

Like gravel riding? Or need a dose of nature? Nature Park Amager is in many ways unique: It used to be a sea bed, you can find the largest birch forest in Denmark and it is the closest nature preserve in Europe just outside a capital city.


Harbor Round

Perfect ´warm-up´ or first ride in Copenhagen! Guaranteed stimulation all the way around the harbor. Houseboat cafés, great views, authentic local life and even a shopping mall(!).


Cherry Loop

Get outside the city center and explore Nørrebro and even North West. This loop will take you through atmospheric Nørrebro.


Martin´s Morning Ride (MTB)

Go mountain biking in the Hareskoven Forest only 14 km out of Copenhagen.


Grand Greater Cph

A long route for cyclists not afraid of spending a day on the bike. The riders venturing out on The Gran Greater Cph will be rewarded with a sweet ride along the Western Rampart and with plenty of seaside views. There´s even the chance of hugging a gigantic windmill, or enjoy the impressive “swush” from the wings as they turn directly above you!


Mixing it up North

A long ride on gravel, tarmac, and singletracks in the North Zealand landscape.