Grennessminde – Much more than a café

The greenhouse café at Grennessminde

“Define a destination; a café, a landmark, a village. Get out a map and plan a route. The adventure has begun. Jump on your bike and go explore! This is my approach to creating everyday cycling adventures.”



The dome is amazing! The second I step inside, all my senses wake up; The warm air, the sweet scent of greenhouse jungle, the acoustic spacious silence and the amazing light illuminating the welcoming interior. This is the Copenhagen Dome – a Knowledge Center for Socio-economics and part of the Grennessminde complex, in Taastrup, 20 km outside of Copenhagen center.


Grennessminde, Copenhagen Dome
Grennessminde, Copenhagen Dome



I enter the café, located in a greenhouse and enjoy an organic juice and a delicious cake made by the bakery, that is also one of Grennessminde´s many projects. A few visitors sit and chat and the atmosphere is relaxing and welcoming. All sorts and sizes of plants are on sale in the greenhouse café, and I wish I could carry some home on my bike!


Café at Grennessminde
Café at Grennessminde



On my way here, I passed my favorite hill, Herstedhøje – always a great little climb, and then continued towards and along the Albertslund golf course. The extensive network of cycling paths in Denmark still amazes me, and something I highly appreciate and value.


Cycling in Copenhagen
Herstedhøje Hills



Cycling in Copenhagen
Cycling in Copenhagen, Copenhagen Dome, Grennessminde



Grennessminde´s mission is to actively create a ´bridge´ between young people with special needs and the job market. Their focus is on the individual person,  and his or her resources as a way to achieve success and positive experiences. The young people completing education at Grennessminde, leave the place with self-confidence, knowledge about themselves and courage and experience to stand on their own feet.

Grennessminde has more than 30 years of experience within the socio-economic business principles and has several companies/workshops within organic farming, food production, metal and wood workshops. They sell and supply their products to amongst others the Copenhagen Zoo, the Parliament and the famous restaurant Noma.

Cycling in Copenhagen
Copenhagen Dome, Grennessminde


Cycling in Copenhagen
Grennessminde, Taastrup



I leave the flowers and berries, and can´t help feel overwhelmed by the humanistic approach that this place breathes, grows and shares through their open-mindedness.  I re-trace my ride back across herstedhøje Hills and feel rewarded by my visit to Grennessminde.


More info about Grennessminde can be found at their website


By Martin Paldan, Cycling in Copenhagen


Cycling in Copenhagen
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