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Cycling in Copenhagen

“The uniqueness of this place is so appealing that I keep returning. Every ride is different from the previous; the weather, the company, the route. “




When at Amager… If I´m not found around a bonfire making pancakes at a meet-up or seated at the fabulous café Traktørstedet drinking kombucha like the outdoor slacker I aspire to be, I´m riding slow and happy on the open gravel roads of Nature Park Amager. This place is like no other place I know (it used to be a seabed. Two pumps continuously keep it drained) – I love the open range with the immense sky above and a pair of dusty (or wet) tracks leading towards the horizon.

Cycling in Copenhagen
Signs of a wet winter – Flooded sections at Nature Park Amager.



I´m fortunate to work at a place (The brand GripGrab) where cycling is valued and esteemed. I do a lot of rides with co-workers, and on this ride, I was accompanied by our designer Mette, who has embraced cycling with a fiery passion and who is always ready to explore new trails.
We crisscrossed the Nature Park and rode knee-deep through flooded sections due to a very wet winter with loads of rain. Before hitting the open range, we cruised through the western birch forest known as Fasanskoven – a magical place with a flickering view of black-and-white trees standing steady and randomly patterned – It beats any streaming service by far. There´s no doubt about the healing factors in these birch forests (says the outdoor slacker…)
We left the forest by following a single-trail leading across to the open sections and rode in sidewind towards the eastern birch forest (Pinseskoven).


Cycling in Copenhagen
Crossing the Kalvebod Fælled on slippery trails.



Cycling in Copenhagen
Away from the desktop; Mette on the singletracks at Nature Park Amager.



The uniqueness of this place is so appealing that I keep returning. Every ride is different from the previous; the weather, the company, the route. And the fact that is only about 8 km from the city square of Copenhagen, is crazy cool! We are extremely fortunate to have such an awesome nature area this close to a capital. It´s a sin not to come here once in a while to relax, unwind and feel alive under the colossal sky. As I like to say: Cycling is Discovering!

For a GPX route suggestion around Nature Park Amager, check this out:

And if you´re curious about the Pancake Meet-ups and other initiatives, stay close (follow Cycling in Copenhagen on Insta) as I will post about these events when I feel it´s time for a ride or a meet-up.


Cycling in Copenhagen
Riding gravel to unravel.


Cycling in Copenhagen
One of the very few hills on Kalvebod Fælled.



More info about Nature Park Amager can be found at their website


By Martin Paldan, Cycling in Copenhagen


Cycling in Copenhagen
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