Grand Greater Copenhagen ROUTE

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The Grand Greater Copenhagen is a longer cycling route, that will take you on an adventure from the city center to the outskirts of Copenhagen. From a suggested start at the Queen´s castle Amalienborg in the city center, the route heads north along the Northern Harbor.

At the impressive Grundtvig´s Church, you enter the Bispebjerg Cemetery (cycling is allowed), with a view to the Utterslev lake areas which are always full of local life. In April the Bispebjerg Cemetary is a famous go-to place for experiencing the cherry trees in full blossom – see the precise location on Google Maps.
(Note: The Cherry Loop route on this site, will bring you to the exact spot with the Sakura / Cherry trees).

The route then follows the Utterslev lake area to the start of the rampart knowns as Vestvolden. For around 14 km. the route follows a perfect cycling path (no cars!). Vestvolden offers several great spots for taking a break, getting ice cream in the Ejby Bunker, meeting sheep in the closures or simply enjoying the ride in green surroundings. This section on the Vestvolden pass by two of the Forgotten Giants (there is a specific route for visiting the Forgotten Giants): Sleeping Louis and Hilltop Trine (see precise locations on the Google Map).

The ocean comes into sight at Brøndby Strand, and the route continues along the ocean side, and soon you find yourself riding beneath a handful of mindblowing giant windmills! This is Avedøre Holme, and next up is another impressive sight: The view from the highway bridge crossing over to Amager (the cycling path is of course separated from the highway). Don´t drop your smartphone when making photos! Beneath you, the next stretch presents itself in great scenery; the classic Embankment Ride. Keep right on the cycling path and expect other cyclists, couples on roller blades, families with strollers and alert bird watchers – all out for a great day on the embankment.

If you by now need a rest, then take the opportunity to visit the Nature Center Café (Traktørstedet Vestamager) for a homemade cake, coffee, ice cream or a bowl of soup. From the Café, you have a perfect view of the Vestamager ´savanna´ with families enjoying the outdoor life, picnicking and making bonfires.

From Savanna to new urban architecture. The route flows through Ørestad towards the city center. The elevated Metro and modern architecture stimulate the senses, and you feel the city vibe increasing by each pedal stroke. Welcome back to the city center!

Cycling is discovering!
Martin Paldan, Cycling in Copenhagen


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Location: Amalienborg Castle
From the Royal premises to the outskirts. The Grand Greater Cph route will give you a day of adventure.


Location: Grundtvigs Kirken (Grundtvig´s Church)
The route passes by this impressive church. Built by Peder Vilhelm Jensen-Klint (and his son) in an expressionist architecture style on the outside and with a more gothic inspired interior style.


Location: Utterslev Mose
The Grand Greater Copenhagen route takes you further out of Copenhagen and presents a unique opportunity to explore locations and places with a local atmosphere.


Location: Utterslev Mose
This recreational lake area with paths, bridges, and platforms is a favorite place for runners and joggers, families having a picnic or simply for having a day in the outdoors.


Location: Kalvebod Bridge towards Kalvebod Faelled
Passing over the bridge to Kalvebod Faelled is definitely a highlight, with stunning views to both sides.



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   55 km.  |   Urban    |   Greater Copenhagen    |   Long